In the market for some cool souvenirs from Valencia? From traditional ceramics to wine and silk, here are some ideas for what to buy in Valencia complete with the best souvenir shops where to buy them from.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a loved one or a memento for yourself, these souvenirs are the perfect way to take a piece of Valencia home with you.

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1. Beautiful Socarrat tiles and ceramics

Valencia has a long-standing tradition of producing artisanal ceramics dating back centuries. So, a beautiful ceramic plate or bowl from Valencia can be the perfect memento from your trip and a great way to add a touch of color to your home.

If you’re looking for something truly unique, you should buy a Socarrat tile. These beautiful fired clay tiles are one of the most singular and emblematic souvenirs from Valencia.

Socarrat tiles are hand-painted in red and black and have their roots in the 12th century. You can even buy them framed and ready to hang on the wall!

Where to buy:

  • Plaza Redonda (Plaza Redona, 46001 Valencia)
  • Artesania Yuste (Plaza del Miracle del Mocadoret, 5, 46001 Valencia)
  • La Postalera (Calle de la Corretgeria, 4, 46001 València & Calle de les Danses, 3, 46001 Valencia)
  • Socarrat Artesanía (Calle Pío XI 38bajo, 46014 Valencia)
  • L’Escuraeta Fair – organized in May (Plaza de la Reina, 46001 Valencia)

2. Hand-painted fans

Valencia is the cradle of the Spanish handheld fan and to this day, it remains one of the world’s leading fan producers. So, an elegant handcrafted and hand-painted fan can be the perfect souvenir from Valencia.

The most extravagant fans are made from rosewood or ebony and feature intricate designs and lace detailing. But everyday-use fans are also available.

If you’re looking for a unique souvenir that will make you feel like in a period drama every time you use it, a delicate fan from Valencia is a great choice.

Where to buy:

  • Abanicos Carbonell (Calle de Castelló, 21, 46004 Valencia)
  • Abanicos Vibenca (Plaza Lope de Vega, 5, 46001 Valencia)
  • Abanicos Burriel (Calle de Sant Ferran, 3, 46001 Valencia)

3. Paella rice

When in Rome, pasta. When in Valencia, rice. That’s how the saying goes… Or that’s how it would go if this saying actually existed. The point is that rice is a valid souvenir from Valencia.

Used in paella and dozens of other typical local dishes, bomba rice is a short-grain rice variety cultivated primarily in the region of Valencia. In fact, one of the most popular day trips from Valencia is to the rice fields of Albufera where rice has been cultivated since the 8th century.

Most supermarkets sell a local famous brand called La Fallera. For gourmet options, check out the shops below.

Where to buy:

  • Original CV (Plaza del Mercado, 35, 46001 Valencia)
  • Siente Valencia (Pasaje de Ripalda, 6-8, 46002 Valencia)
  • Majado Gourmet (Calle del Actor Llorens, 38, 46021 Valencia)
  • Mercado Central (Plaza de la Ciudad de Brujas, 46001 Valencia)

4. Paella pan

But what’s rice without the perfect pan to prepare a scrumptious paella? If you’re looking for an inexpensive souvenir from Valencia that also serves a practical purpose, this is it!

In Valencia, paella pans are a common kitchen item in many households, so they are both reasonably priced and high quality.

Worried about luggage space? No need to be. Paella pans come in a variety of sizes, from small ones for two people to large ones big enough to satisfy gatherings of eight people or more. For insights into mastering the art of preparing Spain’s most international dish, check out these fun paella facts.

Where to buy:

  • Mercado Central (Plaza de la Ciudad de Brujas, 46001 Valencia)

5. Handmade lace and silk fabrics

Are you a DIY fan? In Valencia, you can find a wide range of beautiful handmade lace and silk fabrics, so why not give your next craft project a Valencian touch?

One of the most unique and authentic souvenirs from Valencia is the espolín, a silk fabric with intricate flower patterns woven manually using a small wooden shuttle.

During Las Fallas Festival, you will see many women wearing spectacular espolín dresses, which creates a high demand for handcrafted silks. Due to this, Valencia is the only city in Spain where silk fabrics are still made by hand. Even more reason to buy this precious souvenir!

Where to buy:

  • Plaza Redonda (Plaza Redona, 46001 Valencia)
  • Espolín (Calle Cirilo Amorós, 9, 46004 Valencia)
  • Alan Indumentaria (Calle Convento de Jerusalén, 16, 46007 Valencia + more locations)
  • Roa Textil (Calle Periodista Azzati, 4, 46002 Valencia)
  • Tejidos Fémina (Calle Adressadors, 8, 46001 Valencia)

6. Utiel-Requena wines

Looking for a fun gift to buy from Valencia? Look no further than a nice bottle of wine from Utiel-Requena. Although lesser known, this appellation is one of Spain’s oldest and largest wine regions.

Utiel-Requena is located some 70 km inland, between the Mediterranean Sea and La Mancha, and has a history that spans 27 centuries. Let that sink in for a moment!

The Utiel-Requena wine region is renowned for its indigenous red grape variety, Bobal, which produces full-bodied, fruity wines.

Where to buy:

  • Original CV (Plaza del Mercado, 35, 46001 Valencia)
  • Devinos Divinos (Calle de Cuenca, 41, 46008 Valencia)
  • Vinalium (Calle de Francesc Sempere, 10, 46004 Valencia)
  • Bescuit (Mercado Central, stall 194, 195 and 196, 46001 Valencia)
  • The Wine Place (Calle del Almirante Cadarso, 14, 46005 Valencia)

7. Chufa aka tiger nuts

Chufas are little tubers that grow in the Alboraya fields just north of Valencia. They are used for making horchata, a sweet summer drink super popular in Valencia.

If you’re visiting Valencia during summer, I highly recommend you stop by one of these horchaterías to try this refreshing Valencian beverage. If you like it, definitely buy some chufas to bring back as a souvenir from Valencia.

Chufas are considered a superfood due to their incredible nutritional properties. They can be eaten by themselves soaked in water or you can try your hand at preparing some homemade horchata (super easy) and bring the authentic taste of Valencia to your home. Check out this refreshing horchata recipe.

Where to buy:

  • Mercado Central (Plaza de la Ciudad de Brujas, 46001 Valencia)
  • Mòn Orxata street carts (there are several around the city, usually in Plaza del Ayunamiento, Plaza de la Virgen, Plaza de la Reina, next to Colón metro station, at the City of Arts and Sciences, and on the promenade)

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