Brunch might not have deep roots in the Valencian culture, but it surely received a warm embrace in recent years. This indulgent feast, capable of nourishing both body and soul, has seamlessly integrated itself into the daily routine, with the word “brunch” slipping effortlessly into the local vocabulary.

Nowadays, it seems that nearly every other café in Valencia proudly offers a brunch experience. In light of this flourishing trend, I’ve curated a list of the absolute best brunch spots in Valencia to help you cut through the noise. So get ready to immerse yourself in the Valencia’s brunch scene, where nutritious savory options, fresh smoothies and decadent cakes rein supreme.

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Dulce de Leche

Dulce de Leche is such a unique place that I’ve been pondering about adding it to my list of places you must visit in Valencia. If you love cake and decadent brunches, you cannot miss this coffee shop.

The first Dulce de Leche pastry shop opened many years ago in the now hipster Ruzafa neighborhood – it was an instant hit.

In the meantime, they opened several other cafés throughout Valencia, so that anyone can have access to delicious homemade pastries free of additives or preservatives.

Their creative menu at the junction of two cultures – Argentinian and Spanish – includes both savory and sweet delicacies.

They serve brunch daily and you can choose from several brunch staples such as eggs Benedict, avocado toast, French toast and waffles.

Address: C/ de Sant Vicent Màrtir, 52, 46002 València | C/ de Jesús, 71, 46007 Valencia | Carrer del Pintor Gisbert, 2, 46006 Valencia | Av. de França, 8, 46023 Valencia


Located in one of Ruzafa’s bustling streets, a stone’s throw away from one of the top market in Valencia, Blackbird is the favorite meeting point for cinnamon roll loves throughout the land.

Brainchild of a mother-daughter duo, this cozy café serves delicious home made treats, great coffee and have I mentioned the melt-in-your mouth cinnamon rolls?

If cinnamon rolls aren’t your thing (who are you?), they also bake fresh chocolate chip cookies, caramelised croissants, banana bread, cruffins, brownies and Swedish buns every day.

Of course, not all their offerings are sweet. You can also order one of their yummy toasts, sandwiches or burgers and start your day on the right foot at any time o’clock.

Address: C/ de la Reina Na Maria, 7, 46006 Valencia


With two locations in Valencia, this nice and cozy café oozes summer vibes and it’s almost impossible not to feel lighter the moment you step in, as if a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

Although both their cafés are located in the city, you can almost hear the sound of the waves and the soft sand under your feet.

Brunch is served every day of the week and you can choose from a variety of set menus. With an accent on healthy foods and ingredients, their brunch options range from avocado toast and spelt pancakes to fresh smoothies and everything tastes great.

If you want something different, you should order their Nómada brunch with Middle Eastern Shakshuka and Moroccan puff pancakes (only in Cocolinda Alameda).

Address: Paseo de Alameda, 14, 46010 Valencia | Av. de Blasco Ibáñez, 97, 46022 Valencia

Beverly Café

Beverly Café is the most elegant, upscale and girly brunch place in Valencia. Situated in Gran Via del Marqués del Túria, this adorable café is dressed up in pink from top to bottom and will make your wildest Instagram dreams come true.

And the best part? They are the masters of the all day brunch so you can sleep in late so you can truly feel you’re on vacation.

Avocado toast, bagels, eggs Benedict, French toast, pancakes, and açai bowls all these and more can be found on their brunch menu.

You’ll also find a colorful selection of lattes, affogato and even barraquito, a delish multi-layered coffee typical from the Canary Islands.

Put on something pretty, as you’re guaranteed to feel like a queen!

Address: Gran Via del Marqués del Túria, 18, 46005 Valencia

Brunch Corner

With three coffee shops all located in the city center, this is a classic brunch spot in Valencia. All three locations have a carefree ambiance and you’ll never feel rushed.

Authentic recipes, quality ingredients, and marked American influences, this café serves brunch daily until 4 pm.

Whether you choose between a simple tomato toast (the go-to breakfast in Valencia), a poppy seed bagel, a grilled cheese sandwich or a cereal bowl, you’re in for a treat.

Besides, they also have several special brunch menus to choose from where the main dish can be anything from eggs Benedict and Belgian waffles to American pancakes and salmon toast.

Oh, and they even serve a full English breakfast, something you don’t see very often on brunch menus in Valencia!

Address: C/ del Comte d’Almodóvar, 1, 46003 Valencia | Plaça de Sant Bult, 3, 46003 Valencia | C/ del Músic José Iturbi, 4, 46003 Valencia

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