With so many exciting things to do and attractions to see in Valencia, breakfast is of paramount importance. Whether you’re dreaming of crispy churros and decadent hot chocolate or you favor a savory morning meal instead, breakfast in Valencia caters to every possible whim. From cozy cafés nestled in charming alleys to bustling markets brimming with gastronomic delights, this guide is your key to starting your day off right.

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What is breakfast called in Valencia?

Well, it’s complicated. In Valencia, you’ll find three different words for breakfast – desayuno, almuerzo, and esmorzaret – and they each mean different things.

Desayuno is the first breakfast of the day. It’s a light, sweet meal eaten before 9 am. It usually consists of a cup of café con leche (espresso with steamed milk), a small glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, a small pastry such as a croissant or ensaimada, or butter and jam toast.

Almuerzo is the second breakfast of the day. It’s a more hearty, savory meal eaten between 10 and 11:30 am. It consists of a bocadillo (sandwich in crispy baguette bread) or tapas, another cup of coffee, and a drink, which can be anything from water to a small beer or a glass of wine.

Esmorzaret is a heartier, made in Valencia version of the almuerzo. It consists of an appetizer such as peanuts, olives, lupins or pickles, a large bocadillo that in some bars can reach up to 50 cm, a drink, and cremaet, a burnt rum and coffee concoction flavored with cinnamon and lemon peel.

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Where to eat breakfast in Valencia

Ready to start your day the Valencian way? Here I’ve handpicked an array of fantastic breakfast spots in Valencia. Some of these places are well-known for their delicious desayuno offerings, while others feature a truly impressive almuerzo or esmorzaret menu. So grab a fork and set your alarm because you won’t want to miss a single bite!

1. Mayan Coffees

If you like to start your day with a delicious cup of joe, you’ll love breakfast at Mayan Coffees.

With two locations, one next to the iconic Torres de Quart in El Carmen and the other in the La Saidia neighborhood (both excellent areas to stay in Valencia), these coffee roasters serve some of the best organic specialty coffee in Valencia.

Accompany your coffee with a croissant or butter and jam toast. Or even better, order a toast with grated tomatoes and olive oil for a typical Valencian desayuno.

Address: Carrer de Murillo, 54 | Carrer d’Hug de Montcada, 19

2. Central Bar

Located in the beautiful Mercado Central, the most famous of Valencia’s bustling markets, this bar is the brainchild of Ricard Camarena, one of the most celebrated local chefs and a Michelin star holder.

It is the perfect setting for a quick and delicious breakfast, with mouthwatering bocadillos, delicious tapas, and an impressive wine selection.

While a bit on the touristy side, Central Bar is a popular almuerzo hotspot that attracts a steady flow of patrons, so be prepared to wait for a bit for a seat at the bar.

Address: Inside Mercado Central

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3. Bar Cremaet

Located in the Mestalla neighborhood, in between Valencia’s famous football stadium and the picturesque Turia Park, this rustic-looking bar serves an enticing menu of classic bocadillos with a creative twist.

It is a great choice if you want to enjoy the age-old tradition of the esmorzaret, savor a cremaet, and even try a local digestif, such as Mistela or Cassalla, two popular drinks from Valencia.

Whether you want to sit inside or on the terrace, my advice is to arrive early. Bar Cremaet is a popular breakfast spot that tends to draw a bustling crowd of nearby office workers.

Address: Av. del Port, 20

4. Chocolatería Valor

Chocolatería Valor is a Valencian institution and the perfect place to start your day on a sweet note – their thick hot chocolate is the stuff of legend and their churros are not far behind.

While churros and chocolate are more of a mid-afternoon snack in Valencia, this combo is a breakfast staple in other parts of Spain. So, if the idea of such a rich morning feast feels indulgent, think of it as an immersive cultural experience and allow yourself to enjoy it guilt-free.

Chocolatería Valor has three locations in Valencia, but the most charming one remains the one in Plaza de la Reina, which has stunning views of the Cathedral.

Address: Plaza de la Reina, 20 | Carrer d’En Sanç, 2 | Carrer del Pintor Maella, 37

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5. Horchatería Fabián

If you appreciate the joys of a sugary morning feast, Horchatería Fabián is the place to switch your morning glass of milk for an ice-cold horchata and your croissant for fartons.

This sweet combo is a wildly popular afternoon snack in Valencia, but many locals enjoy it for breakfast as well.

While you’re here, I recommend ordering some buñuelos de calabaza as well. These pumpkin fritters are a popular snack during Las Fallas Festival and are not easy to find otherwise. Yet, at Horchatería Fabián they prepare them from October through early June, and they are incredibly tasty.

Address: Carrer de Moratín, 1

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