If you are considering visiting Valencia in January, you’re probably wondering how cold it gets and whether enjoying a drink on a terrace is even an option. Well, let me start by telling you that Valencia is a great January destination. While nobody can predict the weather, it’s likely you’ll be able to enjoy a great array of both indoor and outdoor activities.

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Why visit Valencia in January

Here are a few reasons why you should consider visiting Valencia in January.

1. Nice weather

Compared to most European destinations, January in Valencia is quite nice and pleasant. It rarely rains, although it can get pretty windy and humid, which can feel uncomfortable.

On most days, you’ll be able to enjoy pretty blue skies, stay in the sun for hours, and even take a walk on the beach.

Locals tend to dress for the season, not for the weather, so you might be surprised to see them wearing winter coats, scarves, gloves, and boots while you are comfortable without a coat.

2. Big discounts

January is considered off-season in Valencia. Lower accommodation prices and the availability of cheap flights will help you stretch your budget and save money.

The coolest thing about visiting Valencia in winter, however, is that the sale season starts on January 7th and lasts the whole month. Most shops, fashion retail shops, in particular, offer discounts between 20% and 70%. This makes January one of the best months to go shopping in Valencia.

3. Fewer crowds

In Valencia, the holiday season ends on January 6th. This means that for the first week of January, shopping centers and the city center’s main streets are still crowded. Many locals are still caught up in the last-minute gift-buying frenzy and restaurants are at their busiest.

Starting January 7th, however, kids go back to school and adults go back to work and the city is having a moment to itself.

During January, Valencia doesn’t receive many tourists from abroad. Therefore, you will likely be able to enjoy most of the attractions at your leisure, with very few people around. Also, restaurants are less busy, and booking in advance is usually not required, although it is recommended.

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Weather in Valencia in January

January is generally considered the coldest month in Valencia. Maximum temperatures during the day are usually around 16ºC (60ºF), with small variations. During the night, temperatures can drop a lot and occasionally get close to 0ºC (32ºF). However, minimums of 7ºC (45ºF) are more likely.

January in Valencia can be very windy and humid on occasion and it can feel quite cold when you are out of the sun. But on a sunny day, you can enjoy a nice walk in the park, explore the city on foot and sit on a terrace, all while wearing a light jacket.

Of course, January is too cold for a swim, but there are so many other things to do in Valencia.

Depending on the year, January in Valencia can be rainy or dry. Sometimes, when it rains, it pours several days in a row. In other years, only a few drops of rain fall during the whole month. The best you can do is watch the weather forecast and pack/dress accordingly.

What’s on in Valencia in January

In spite of being considered off-season, January doesn’t disappoint in terms of entertainment. In fact, three noteworthy events take place during this month.

The Three Kings Parade

Celebrated on January 5th

This is when it is believed the Three Wise Men arrived in Bethlehem, bringing gifts to baby Jesus. A colorful parade takes place on the streets leading up to the City Hall and features floats, dancers, and protagonists such as messenger Caterina, the star of the East, page Miquel and astronomer Perseida. This is one of the biggest celebrations in Valencia and a magical evening for kids of all ages.

Fiesta de San Vicente Mártir & San Vicente Ferrer

Celebrated on January 22nd

San Vicente Mártir is the Patron Saint of the City of Valencia and the Patron of Tailors and Dressmakers. He was martyred in the year 304 by order of Emperor Diocletian and his death is commemorated with a mass and a short religious procession. Local religious figures parade carrying the statue of the saint on the streets around the cathedral in the company of mournful music.

On the same day, a procession in honor of the birth of San Vicente Ferrer, Patron Saint of the Valencian Community, is organized on the streets leading up to the cathedral. This procession is a bit longer (some 10 minutes total) and includes horse drawn carriages, period costumes, candy throwing and bands playing cheerful music.

The Chinese New Year

Celebrated on the Chinese New Year’s Eve – varying dates

Chinese New Year, Lunar New Year or Spring Festival is a celebration with varying dates – some years it is celebrated in January, others in February. In Valencia, the Chinese New Year is welcome with Chinese culture workshops and a colorful parade. The parade features dancers, pyrotechnics, martial art demonstrations, as well as Chinese dragons and lions.

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January bank holidays in Valencia

The following days are public holidays in Valencia. Businesses of all kinds, including shops and supermarkets, will be closed. Some restaurants, coffee shops, and bars might open.

  • January 1st
  • January 6th

What to wear in Valencia in January

Visiting Valencia in January means you might get away with a light jacket or you might need a parka or a coat. Each year is different, so it’s better you come prepared.

I also recommend packing a scarf, gloves, and ankle boots, just in case. You might actually need them, especially if you stay out late at night. A nice cotton scarf will do just fine. It’s highly unlikely you’ll need a chunky, wool scarf.

Central heating, carpets, and wooden floors are not common in Valencia, so apartments can get quite cold, especially at night. Make sure you pack warm PJs, loungewear, and slippers for an extra bit of comfort.

Ultimately, remember that January is sales season in Valencia. In case you’re missing anything, a stroll along Calle Colón or a visit to a shopping center will fill any gaps in your wardrobe on a budget.

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