Valencia is always a good idea. The month of February in Valencia is synonymous with medieval markets, colorful carnival parades and even some events organized in preparation of Las Fallas. If you’re wondering how cold it gets in Valencia in February, what’s on, and what kind of clothes you should bring, read on.

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Is February a good time to visit Valencia?

February is an excellent month to visit Valencia, since the lower temperatures attract fewer crowds. As a result, you can take advantage of the off-peak accommodation prices and laidback vibes.

February is one of the quietest months in Valencia, yet there are still plenty of things going on. Most events are pretty low-key and specific to certain areas, so the city in general feels peaceful and quiet.

The weather can be a bit of a lottery, with some days oozing spring vibes while others bring heavy clouds and even rain. However, the weather remains generally mild and pleasant, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

Overall, if you’re looking for a winter getaway with comfortable weather and a relaxed atmosphere, February can be a great time to visit Valencia.

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Weather in Valencia in February

Valencia in February offers a mild and comfortable climate. Maximum temperatures are reached around 2 pm and range roughly between 12ºC (54ºF) and 19ºC (66ºC). Minimum temperatures are reached early in the morning and are around 7ºC (44ºC).

Valencia can also experience some rainfall during the month of February, so you may want to bring an umbrella or rain jacket.

On days with clear skies and no wind, there can be huge temperature differences between standing in the shade or in direct sunlight.

Because air temperature is always measured in a shady location, you might be able to enjoy a cup of coffee in your T-shirt on a sunny terrace even if the weather forecast says 8ºC (46ºF). The temperature is much warmer in direct sunlight, likely around 24ºC (75ºC).

This makes open spaces, such as Túria Park, the City of Arts and Sciences, the newly renovated Plaza de la Reina, and the beach, the ideal places to soak up some winter sun while visiting Valencia in February.

The Old Town and Ruzafa neighbourhood also have plenty of sunny terraces you can enjoy. But walking from point A to point B may be less comfortable. That’s because Valencia has many narrow streets flanked by relatively tall buildings, allowing sunlight to reach the sidewalk only for brief periods of time each day, if at all.

What’s on in Valencia in February

February might be low-season, but that doesn’t meant you’ll get bored. On the contrary, there are quite a few things going on in Valencia during February. Besides, you can also check out some of these top activities. And if you’re on a budget, there are plenty of free things to do in Valencia as well.

Exposición del Ninot

From the first Saturdays of February to March 14th

Las Fallas is the most important festival in Valencia. This festival is held in March, but you can see the best ninots (dolls) of the year as early as February at the Ninot Exhibition. The Ninot Exhibition is housed within the Prince Felipe Science Museum (part of the City of Arts and Sciences). During your visit you can vote two ninots you’d like to be pardoned from the fire. You can also see ninots from past years at the Fallero Museum nearby.

San Blas medieval market

Celebrated on the weekend closest to February 3rd

Each year, on the weekend closest to February 3rd, a cute medieval market is organized on the streets around Iglesia de San Valero y San Vicente Mártir in the Ruzafa neigborhood. This is a great opportunity to buy quality souvenirs from Valencia, such as handmade jewellery, leather goods, wooden toys and olive wood kitchenware. The market is also a great for trying delicious Valencian foods, such as artisan sausages and cheeses, pickled olives and stuffed buns.

Ruzafa Carnival

Varying dates – February 18th & 19th, 2023

While the Tenerife and Cadiz carnivals might steal all the media’s attention in Spain, if you’re in Valencia during the carnival season, head to Ruzafa neighborhoods and join in the fun. The carnival was celebrated in Valencia as early as the 19th century. When King Alfonso XIII prohibited the celebration of the carnival within the city walls, the party moved to Ruzafa where it’s still celebrated today. Expect dazzling costumes, batucada groups and lots of good cheer.


Usually celebrated on the last Saturday of February – in 2023, this event has been cancelled

As the month of March approaches, locals grow impatient in anticipation of Las Fallas. So on the last Saturday of February, the first macromascletà is organized. The macromascletà takes place in Ciudad Fallera neighborhood (Benicalap district) in the evening. The super loud firecracker show is followed by a street party with DJs and lasts until after midnight. This is one of the best things to do in Valencia for young adults visiting in February as it can be tons of fun.


Celebrated on the last Sunday of February

On the last Sunday of February, at the crack of dawn, thousands of falleros and falleras head towards the City Hall Square throwing firecrackers left and right and making as much noise as possible to wake up the city. This event is called macrodespertà and it concludes with a mascletà, a loud firecracker show. The macrodespertà is followed by a breakfast consisting of churros and hot chocolate, two typical foods eaten during Las Fallas.


Celebrated on the last Sunday of February

La Crida is the official opening act of Las Fallas. It takes place in front of Torres de Serranos in the Old Town, following a day packed with events. Expect blasting music, fireworks and an amazing light show on Torres de Serranos. Tens of thousands of people gather for this event, so if you want to get a good spot, it’s best to arrive early.

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What to wear in Valencia in February

If you’re visiting Valencia in February, it’s best to pack for both warm and cold weather. I know this can be a hassle, but it’s best to come prepared.

On sunny days, you might be comfortable wearing a T-shirt as you soak up some rays on a terrace, in the park, or on the beach. But as the sun goes gown, you’ll definitely need warmer clothes and a jacket, especially if you stay out late.

Weather-wise, there isn’t much difference between visiting Valencia in January and February. You should still pack warm PJs, slippers and loungewear. That’s because most apartments in Valencia don’t have central heating and are generally poorly insulated.

This means that if your building is in the shadow cast by the surrounding buildings, temperatures indoors can be lower than outdoors in the sun. I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s actually true. Winter in Valencia is full of surprises.

On clear days, the sun can be quite strong, so you should also pack your sunglasses. And don’t forget a water bottle with a filter, as tap water in Valencia tastes pretty bad.

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