Valencia’s skyline might not have been sung in song or put into rhyme, but with so many beautiful buildings, seeing the city from a rooftop surely has its appeal.

Luckily, in recent years, numerous terraces and rooftop bars have popped up throughout the city. Many of Valencia’s rooftop bars belong to hotels but they are accessible to everyone.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic spot for a date, a trendy hangout for meeting up with friends, or a laid-back place to sip a decadent cocktail with a view, Valencia has a rooftop bar for every occasion.

1. 270º Rooftop Bar at Barceló

The 270º Rooftop Bar on the last floor of Barceló Hotel is hands down my favorite rooftop bar in Valencia. Situated next to the City of Arts and Sciences, this terrace in the sky offers absolutely stunning panoramic views of these futuristic buildings as well as the nearby Túria Gardens.

The decor of the 270º Rooftop Bar is modern, with a combination of lounge chairs and high stools and the atmosphere is relaxed.

The menu offers a variety of cocktails, beers, and wines, as well as light bites and snacks. Last time I was here they had a minimum consumption policy of €10, which was not difficult to reach.

What makes this rooftop bar truly special though, are the views. If you’re looking for a memorable rooftop experience, I recommend you visit in the late afternoon and catch one of Valencia’s spectacular sunsets.

2. Blanq’s Rooftop Bar

This terrace, situated on the top floor of the Blanq Carmen Hotel, is my favorite rooftop bar in the Old Town. Situated a few meters away from the Serranos Towers, overlooking the lush Túria Park, this is the perfect romantic spot for a date.

Blanq’s rooftop bar has a boho chic decor with pretty lounge corners and a laid-back vibe, yet somehow it remains a bit of a hidden gem.

The bar is only open in the afternoon and their drinks and tapas menu is not too extensive, but they do offer several classic cocktails, among others. If you are in Valencia during spring or autumn, this is a nice place to soak up some afternoon sunshine.

The terrace also has a jacuzzi, which is accessible to hotel guests only. Oh, and don’t get your hopes up about the sunset, as the nearby buildings will likely get in the way.

3. Ateneo Sky Bar

Ateneo Mercantil is a cultural institution right in City Hall Square. The building is relatively eye-catching, but it would be impossible to guess they have a rooftop bar on the last floor.

Yet, their Ateneo Sky Bar has some of the best panoramic views of Valencia’s historic center. While many of the activities organized at Ateneo are for paying members only, the Sky Bar is open to the public, although there’s a €3 fee to go up.

This rooftop bar offers some spectacular views over City Hall Square and a big part of the Old Town. If you want to get even better views, take the stairs to the platform above.

As far as sky bars go, this one might not be the fanciest, but it more than makes up for it with its views.

4. La Plaça Gastro Mercat Rooftop Terrace

La Plaça Gastro Mercat is a cafeteria with a modern rooftop terrace in the center of Valencia. Situated on the sixth floor of El Corte Inglés department stores on Calle Colón (the one with books and tech, not the one with perfumes) this rooftop bar remains a bit of a hidden gem but it’s so worth checking out.

The terrace has an easy-going vibe and is anything but crowded, plus they also have plenty of indoor sitting space, just in case. The last time I was up here, quite a few people were working on their laptops, so it’s also a nice place to get some work done if need be.

This is a nice place to take a break, whether it’s from sightseeing or shopping. They serve all kinds of tasty sandwiches, pastries, and even paella, so it’s also a good option for lunch or a mid-afternoon snack with a view.

This terrace offers a bird’s eye view over Valencia’s rooftops. While you might or might not find them pretty, they are definitely interesting to look at. Also, the sunsets here can be quite pretty as well.

5. El Mirador Rooftop Terrace at Only You Hotel

This one is a bit different from the rest and doesn’t really subscribe to the classical definition of a rooftop bar, but I believe it’s worth checking out nevertheless.

El Mirador Rooftop Terrace is a stunning bar and restaurant on the 9th floor of the Only You Hotel in the heart of Valencia. While the restaurant is situated indoors, the floor-to-ceiling windows open up allowing guests to go out on the balconies.

Every time I went up here, there was always a couple or a group of friends enjoying a drink on one of the balconies. The balconies are quite small, yet big enough to fit a table and a couple of chairs.

The restaurant serves various traditional Valencian dishes but you can also just have a cocktail or beer with a view at the bar. This is the most luxurious sky bar on this list and a wonderful place to unwind and enjoy Valencia from above.

6. Sea You Hotel Port Rooftop Bar

This rooftop bar on two levels, situated on the top floor of the Sea You Hotel Port, offers one of the best views over Valencia’s skyline in this part of the city.

Recently renovated, the terrace is relaxed and unpretentious with clear beach vibes. No wonder, since it is just a stone’s throw away from the marina and the beach.

Here you can enjoy a variety of drinks and cocktails while relaxing with a view. They also have a small lounge area with sunbeds from where you can watch the sun setting over the city.

While the rooftops of the El Grau neighborhood are not exactly the prettiest, from this rooftop bar you do get unobstructed views over Valencia as far as the eyes can see, which is not something I can say about many other rooftop bars on this list.

7. Dome Bar at Palacio Santa Clara Hotel

Another of Valencia’s rooftop bars where you can splurge with a view, Dome Bar is situated on the last floor of the Palacio Santa Clara Hotel. This is a Modernista hotel on Calle Colón and it has a nice terrace that hides a secret.

The first time I went up here, I couldn’t believe my eyes – that black dome you see in the photo? It’s a bar! And not just any bar, but a sophisticated, avant-garde one at that, with beautiful wallpapers and a wooden ceiling.

The terrace has several tables and sunbeds where you can relax with a cocktail while admiring Valencia’s skyline. Again, not the most spectacular views, but definitely interesting.

Guests of the hotel can also enjoy the pool area. Overall, I believe this quiet rooftop bar is a nice find, perfect for when you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city without leaving the Old Town.

8. El Cielo en la Tierra

El Cielo en la Tierra translates as Heaven on Earth, which is pretty much how this rooftop bar feels on a breezy summer evening. Found on the 7th floor of L&H Gran Vía, a 4-star hotel on the edge of the Old Town, this rooftop terrace is close to both Torres de Quart and Túria Gardens.

Elegant, modern, and unpretentious, El Cielo en la Tierra overlooks Gran Via Fernando el Catolico, a busy tree-lined avenue. While the views might not be the best, this rooftop bar does offer a partial glimpse of the historical Quart Towers.

The menu includes a small selection of tapas along with a decent variety of drinks, such as cocktails, cava, wine, beer, and spirits, without being overwhelming.

The best part about this rooftop terrace in Valencia, however, is its wonderful vibe, starting with the super friendly staff. Also, the music is at just the right volume level – loud enough to muffle the traffic noise of the street below, yet soft enough to allow for comfortable conversation.

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