Sunsets in Valencia are the stuff of dreams. But due to all the narrow streets and tall buildings, if you want to see the sunset in Valencia you need to find a vantage point more often than not. Here are 10 really cool, and honestly quite romantic, spots where to watch the sunset in Valencia.

With more than 300 days of sunshine per year and clear blue skies all summer long, Valencia is bathed in a magical light most evenings. I’ve recently developed an obsession with sunsets and made a point of seeing as many spectacular ones as I can.

From rooftop bars to charming spots surrounded by nature, these are the best places to watch the sunset in Valencia.

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1. 270º Rooftop Terrace at Barceló Hotel

Beautiful sunset over the City of Arts and Sciences from the rooftop terrace of Barceló Hotel
Sunset over the City of Arts and Sciences from the rooftop terrace of Barceló Hotel

270º Rooftop Terrace is probably the best spot for watching the sun go down over Valencia. This elegant terrace on the 10th floor of the Barceló Hotel and offers gorgeous panoramic views over the City of Arts and Sciences and Turia Park.

Here you can enjoy a Valencian sunset with a delicious cocktail in hand while listening to modern beats in the background. Anyone can go up to the terrace, not only hotel guests, but they have a minimum consumption policy of €10.

2. The City of Arts and Sciences

The futuristic looking Palau de Les Arts in Valencia at sunset
City of Arts and Sciences at sunset

The City of Arts and Sciences is an architectural marvel that features six futuristic-looking buildings and 2 bridges. It is situated at the easternmost end of Turia Park and is one of the attractions Valencia is best known for. While this complex looks gorgeous in any light, it’s even more magical at sunset.

The best spots for taking sunset photos are l’Assut de l’Or bridge and the Montolivet bridge. But there are many more surprising angles and each sunset is different, so just have fun.

3. Sunset Cruise

Sunset over the city of Valencia
Sunset over Valencia

Since Valencia is located on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, the sun rises from the sea and sets over the city. So a sunset cruise is an unforgettable experience you cannot miss.

When it comes to sunset cruises in Valencia there are a couple of options right now. One of them is to join a sunset cruise with drinks and music on board.

The other one is to book a sunset cruise that with drinks on board and dinner in a restaurant on the shores. Both cruises leave from the marina.

4. Veles e Vents

Sunset over the Valencia marina with boats and old warehouses in the distance
Sunset in the marina

There are plenty of cool spots where you can watch the sunset in Valencia by the beach, but the Veles e Vents building is one of the best.

Veles e Vents is an emblematic building in Valencia’s marina. It was designed by David Chipperfield and hosts a club and several restaurants, including a Michelin-starred one.

One of the best features of this building is its floating terraces from where you can enjoy the sun setting over the marina. While the last two floors are only accessible to patrons, the terrace on the first-floor is accessible to everyone whether you sit down and order something or not.

5. Cabecera Park

Sunset over the Cabecera park and lake
Cabecera Park sunset

Cabecera Park is situated at the far west end of Turia Park right next to Bioparc and it is one of the most beautiful parks in Valencia. It’s a wild green area with wooden paths, a lake, and a circular mound from where you can enjoy some of the most spectacular sunsets in Valencia.

This mound is called Plataforma Mirador and it offers breathtaking panoramic views of the park. At the top, there’s a long wooden bench from where you can admire the sunset.

Bring some snacks and a blanket, find a spot on the grass and enjoy a sunset picnic. The winding path leading up to the top is a bit uneven, so make sure you wear good shoes.

6. La Plaça Gastro Mercat Terrace

Sunset over the rooftops of Valencia's old town
Sunset over Valencia’s Old Town

Another great place to watch the sunset in Valencia is La Plaça Gastro Mercat’s rooftop terrace. This relaxed terrace is situated on the sixth floor of the El Corte Inglés building on Calle Colón (the one next to the Apple store).

The views over the rooftops and terraces of the Old Town are quite pretty with countless white buildings glowing in the late afternoon sun.

If you’ve never seen Valencia from above, this perspective might surprise you. Plus you won’t have to climb any stairs to get here.

7. Albufera Natural Park

Sunset over the rice fields of Albufera
The sunsets in Albufera are simply spectacular

Ask any local and they will tell you that the best place to watch the sunset in Valencia is not in Valencia at all, but rather in Albufera.

This freshwater lagoon is located 10 km south of Valencia, and here you can enjoy some of the most spectacular sunsets over the water.

One of the most popular spots for catching the sunset over Albufera is Mirador del Pujol (also known as Mirador de la Albufera). If you want to explore the lake, you can also take a boat trip from here.

The easiest way to catch a sunset over these wetlands is to join a tour. The tour includes a boat ride.

8. El Mirador Restaurant at Only You Hotel

Sunset over Valencia's rooftops with a mixture of white and colorful buildings
Sunset over Valencia from Only You Hotel

Only You is a 5-star luxury hotel near Plaza del Ayuntamiento. From its El Mirador restaurant, you can enjoy some of the most amazing sunsets over Valencia’s Old Town.

El Mirador is situated on the 9th floor and has large windows and balconies. From here you can spot the cathedral, the Santa Catalina church tower, and the impressive Banco de Valencia building.

As night falls, Valencia’s streets are bathed in warm light. Valencia looks especially pretty at blue hour when the contrast between the streets below and the sky is magical.

9. Turia Gardens

Sunset over Valencia's rooftops with a mixture of white and colorful buildings
Turia Gardens at sunset

Turia Gardens snake through Valencia from the City of Arts and Sciences to Bioparc. Once a riverbed, this vast green oasis is now the largest public garden in Spain.

This park is super popular among locals, safe and perfect for a sunset stroll. The golden hour here is especially romantic in the spring and early summer.

To watch the sun set over the canopy of trees, go on any of the 18 bridges. Some of these bridges date back to early 15th century while others are only a few years old.

10. Sea You Hotel Port Rooftop Terrace

Sunset over the Grau neighbourhood in Valencia
Valencia’s Grau neighborhood at sunset

If you’re looking for a rooftop terrace close to the sea, check out the bar on the top floor of Sea You Hotel. From here you can enjoy views over the Camins al Grau, a less affluent neighborhood in Valencia.

The tower and blue dome of Santa Maria del Mar church serve as the focal point here. To the left, you’ll also see the Drassanes del Grau, a Gothic-style shipyard from the 14th century.

While a stone throw away from the sea, this rooftop terrace has only city views. Fortunately, this means it is perfectly positioned to watch the sun set over Valencia.

11. Alboraya tiger nut fields

Sunset over lush green tiger nut fields with a white little hut in the distance.
Seeing the chufa fields near Valencia at sunset is such a special experience

The chufa fields of Alboraya are a bit of a hidden gem. Not because the fields themselves are little known, but because nobody seems to be talking about just spectacular sunsets over these fields can be in summer.

Chufas or tiger nuts are the tuber from which horchata is made. This delightfuly refreshing beverage is one of the most popular drinks in Valencia.

While you can sip some of the best horchata in Valencia right in the city center, I totally recommend you to visit Horchateria Vida or Espai Sequer Lo Blanch. Both are located among the chufa fields of Alboraya on one of the best biking routes from Valencia.

Map of the best spots to watch the sunset in Valencia

Sunset times in Valencia by month

These sunset times are approximate, with up to +/- 10-15 minutes variation, depending on the day.

6:10 PM
6:35 PM
7:10 PM
8:40 PM
9:10 PM
9:30 PM
9:30 PM
9:00 PM
8:10 PM
7:25 PM
5:50 PM
5:40 PM

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