Family-friendly and blue flag certified, some of the best beaches in Valencia are just a stone’s throw away from the city center. Whether you like to relax on a towel in the sun, bathe in the salty waters of the Mediterranean Sea or explore windswept dunes covered with dense tufts of grass, Valencia has something for every type of beach bum.

Valencia’s fine golden sand beaches and privileged location on Spain’s east coast make it the perfect summer destination. Plus, the beaches in Valencia are super wide and uncluttered and there’s always room for everyone.

Spending quality time by the sea is one of the top things to do in Valencia. This is a popular activity enjoyed by locals and tourists alike.

You can spend the morning listening to the soothing sounds of the waves on a secluded beach and end the day sipping a cocktail in the marina while watching a beautiful sunset.

Anything goes and everyone is welcome. Your toughest decision of the day will be picking which of Valencia’s beaches to visit next.

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El Cabañal Beach or Las Arenas Beach

El Cabañal Beach in Valencia at sunset
Playa del Cabañal is a 200 meters wide stretch of sand near Valencia’s Marina

🌴 Status: Blue Flag
⛱️ Price:
🚿 Amenities:
Showers, restrooms, kiosks, sun lounge and parasol rental, lifeguards and first aid (summer months only), playgrounds, sports facilities, disabled friendly, restaurants and shops nearby

El Cabañal Beach is also known as Las Arenas Beach due to its proximity to the Las Arenas luxury resort. This beach is located between the old fishing village of Cabañal (now one of Valencia’s trendiest neighborhoods), the marina, and Malvarrosa Beach.

This is Valencia’s most famous urban beach, with plenty of facilities, from sun lounges for hire and volleyball courts to a gorgeous palm tree-lined promenade where you’ll find some of the best paella restaurants in Valencia.

For a no-frills bite in a relaxed setting, check out La Fábrica de Hielo and Mercabanyal, two spaces frequented by locals and expats living in Valencia alike. For some of the best nightlife in Valencia, head to the exclusive La Marina Beach Club or Akuarela Disco Club.

A sandy promenade lined with palm trees by the El Cabanyal  Beach in Valencia
Palm trees near the El Cabanyal Beach

During the summer, a street market with several dozen stalls is organized along the promenade (between the tourist office and the boat-shaped water fountain), selling all sorts of trinkets, from toys and cheap souvenirs to beach towels and bathing suits.

If you’re into water sports, head to the nearby marina for a windsurfing class or a stand-up paddleboarding lesson. For a unique experience, hop aboard a catamaran and admire Valencia from the sea, while passing shiny yachts and imposing ships belonging to the Royal Navy. Finish your day with a relaxing sail into the sunset.

How to get there: Take metro line 5 or 7 to Marítim, then transfer to tram line 8 to Neptú. The tram journey is included in your ticket. You have to revalidate your ticket when switching from metro to tram. You don’t have to validate upon exiting at Neptú.

La Malvarrosa Beach

Old boats and umbrellas on Mavarrosa Beach
Playa de Malvarrosa is a 1.2 km long stretch of sand between Playa del Cabanyal and Playa de Patacona

🌴 Status: Blue Flag
⛱️ Price:
🚿 Amenities:
Showers, restrooms, kiosks, sun lounge and parasol rental, lifeguards and first aid (summer months only), playgrounds, sports facilities, disabled friendly, restaurants nearby

Malvarrosa Beach is located between Playa de Cabañal and Playa de Patacona and its name dates back to the 19th century when it was lined by a colorful hollyhock plantation.

This beach inspired songwriters and novelists and its sun-drenched sands and waters were forever immortalized by impressionist painter Joaquín Sorolla in his whimsical oil paintings.

Among the facilities, you’ll find volleyball courts, beach bars, and several paella and seafood restaurants with unobstructed and unmatched sea views.

People playing beach ball at sunset on Malvarrosa Beach in Valencia
Playa de la Malvarrosa has a large designated area for beach ball games

This is often regarded as the best beach in Valencia, yet in spite of its popularity, Malvarrosa Beach continues to have a relaxed vibe and remains largely uncluttered due to its generous width.

Close to the beach you can visit the Blasco Ibáñez House-Museum (bestselling Spanish novelist from the turn of the last century). For lunch, go to Casa Carmela for a paella cooked over a wood fire (read these paella facts to see why this is so important)

And if you’re into scuba diving, check out the Malvarrosa artificial reef (at 180 meters from the coastline and a depth of 3.5 meters). This reef is of easy access within the delimited area for bathing and can be visited independently.

How to get there: Take metro line 5 or 7 to Marítim, then transfer to tram line 4 or 6 and get off at Platja Malva-rosa. The tram journey is included in your ticket. You have to revalidate your ticket when switching from metro to tram. You don’t have to validate upon exiting at Platja Malva-rosa.

Patacona Beach

Colorful changing cabins on Patacona Beach in Valencia
Playa de Patacona

⛱️ Price: Free
🚿 Amenities: Showers, restrooms, beach barssun lounge and parasol rental, lifeguards and first aid (summer months only), sports facilities, disabled friendly, restaurants nearby

Patacona Beach is located to the north, in continuation of Malvarrosa Beach. Technically speaking, this beach belongs in the nearby town of Alboraya, but its proximity to Malvarrosa Beach and Valencia’s city center makes it easily accessible as well.

Playa de Patacona is a bit less touristy, which means it’s somewhat quieter and cleaner than the previous two. Another thing I love about it is that it’s dotted with elegant chiringuitos (beach bars) every 300 meters or so. Here you can have a refreshing drink and hire sun lounges and umbrellas.

During the high season, these chiringuitos remain open until late, creating the perfect opportunity to enjoy a drink under the stars while listening to the soothing sound of the waves. If you feel like dancing, the last beach bar to the north, Chiringuito tres14, is situated on top of a sand dune, has blasting music and spectacular views.

Beach umbrellas and sun lounges on Playa de Patacona
You can rent beach umbrellas and sun lounges from the nearby beach bars

The beautiful palm-tree promenade that runs along Playa del Cabañal and Playa de la Malvarrosa continues along Patacona Beach, but here it’s even wider.

For the most part, the promenade is lined with new development houses. But there’s a small cluster of restaurants at the south end of Patacona Beach, near Playa de Malvarrosa.

These restaurants are super cute, with beautiful decor and gorgeous secret gardens in the back. I definitely recommend you check them out – they are perfect for brunch or dinner.

Some of my favorite are La Mas Bonita (delicious cakes), Cocoa (everything from croquettes to rice dishes), and La Giraffe (scrumptious French crepes). Booking in advance is highly recommended.

At the northern end of Patacona Beach, there are a few other restaurants and a delicious horchatería and ice scream shop called Orxateria L’Obrador de Bou. But these are located in second line from the beach.

How to get there: Take bus 31 and get off at Mare Nostrum – Illa de Tabarca, Mare Nostrum – Mar Tirreno, or Mare Nostrum – Alboraya stop. Or take bus 32 or 92 and get off at Passeig Marítim – Mendizábal stop.

Port Saplaya Beach

Colourful houses and boats next to Port Saplaya beach north of Valencia
Port Saplaya has earned the nickname Little Venice

⛱️ Price: Free

Further north, also belonging to the town of Alboraya, you’ll find the colorful beach of Port Saplaya. This is one of the best beaches near Valencia and has earned the nickname of Little Venice due to its pretty pastel houses that line a small harbor with cute little boats.

Along this beach, you’ll find a relaxing promenade, a few restaurants, tapas bars, and a great horchatería and ice cream shop — Horchatería Toni.

The beach here is narrower, so it can get a bit crowded during summer, but it has plenty of charm due to the unique architecture and the beautiful Mediterranean flowers and trees.

How to get there: Take bus L112A (yellow bus) to Port Saplaya. Or visit Port Saplaya on a mid-day boat ride (lunch included) leaving from Valencia’s marina.

El Saler Beach

A couple walking on the pebbled beach of El Saler south of Valencia
El Saler Beach might be underdeveloped but it’s oh, so pretty

🌴 Status: Blue Flag
⛱️ Price:
🚿 Amenities:
Showers, restrooms, lifeguards and first aid (summer months only), playgrounds, disabled friendly, picnic areas, car parking, restaurants nearby

The beautiful beach of El Saler is one of the wildest beaches in Valencia. It is located south of the city and is bordered by Pinedo Beach to the north and La Garrofera Beach to the south.

These three sand beaches are perfect if you like an underdeveloped seaside lined with rolling sand dunes topped with turfs of lush beachgrass.

This doesn’t mean that basic facilities are lacking. In fact, it’s just as easy to hire sun lounges and umbrellas here as on any of the other beaches in Valencia.

For a nice lunch by the sea, find a table at one of the typical Spanish restaurants specializing in rice and seafood dishes. Restaurante La Dehesa Joaquin Castelló is right next to the El Saler bus stop. If you walk up and down the beach you’ll find a couple more eateries such as Arrocería Duna (to the south) and Mikkonos Beach Club (to the north).

To the west, the Albufera Natural Park offers the opportunity to easily combine a day at the beach with a walk through the nearby pine forests and wetlands.

How to get there: Take bus 24 or 25 from Porta de la Mar. In summer, the bus goes all the way to Playa del Saler. In the off-season, get off at Pinars – El Saler and walk along the pine tree-lined path to the beach (about 10 minutes). Bus line 22 (Exprés El Saler) from Porta de la Mar goes directly to Playa del Saler with minimal stops on the way.

La Dehesa Beach

Sand dunes covered in grass at La Dehesa beach south of Valencia
The unspoiled beach of La Dehesa is known for its beautiful grassy sand dunes

🌴 Status: Blue Flag
⛱️ Price:

La Dehesa (or Devesa) Beach is the most secluded of Valencia’s beaches. It has crystal clear waters and a special kind of magic which makes it perfect if you’re looking to spend a day in the middle of nature.

The bad news is that this is the least accessible of the sand beaches around Valencia. The good news, on the other hand, is that this makes it truly idyllic.

La Dehesa is situated in Albufera Natural Park, a protected area of great natural beauty and one of the best day trips from Valencia.

The park goes around Albufera Lake, the largest freshwater lake in Spain, and even counts with an interpretation center (Racó de L’Olla) which is a mandatory visit if you want to learn more about the flora and fauna typical of this area.

Last but not least, if you’re into golf, check out Parador de El Saler, a 4-star hotel with an award-winning 18-hole golf club ranked among the top 3 in Europe.

How to get there: Take bus 24 or 25 from Porta de la Mar and get off at Embarcador de l’Albufera.

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