Discover all the cool things to do in Valencia as a young adult by following this guide to fun, quirky and Insta-worthy activities.

Cool, bohemian, and inexpensive, Valencia is the perfect destination for young adults looking for adventure, culture, and endless fun. From sipping sangria at beachside bars to exploring historic landmarks and vibrant street art, Valencia has something for everyone.

Whether you are a student looking to spend your Erasmus year in Valencia or a 20-something traveler looking for an easy-going, inclusive, and safe destination, Valencia is a very special city that will make your stay unforgettable.

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Go on a catamaran cruise

There are many beach activities and water sports you can try in Valencia, but if you’re looking for the perfect blend of adventure and leisure with a touch of luxury, a catamaran cruise is where it’s at. All cruises start in the marina and usually last between one and three hours, just enough time to soak up the sun, go for a swim, and have a drink with a view. For the ultimate bucket-list experience, rent a private boat and get behind the steering wheel yourself.

Go on a jeep safari adventure

To get off the beaten path, literally, embark on a wild ride through the majestic Sierra Calderona. Located just 30 minutes north of Valencia, these mountains are not easy to explore without a sturdy car. Luckily, you can book a jeep safari adventure. Buckle up for bumpy roads, breathtaking views, castle ruins, and close encounters with nature’s finest creatures. With the wind in your hair and the sun on your face, you’ll feel alive like never before.

Explore Valencia by bike

Valencia is incredibly bike-friendly, with blissfully flat terrain and an impressive number of cycling paths that reach even the remotest neighborhoods. Plus, the Mediterranean climate with mild winters makes biking in Valencia an enjoyable experience year-round. One of the best places to bike in Valencia is Turia Park, a huge green lung that connects the Old Town to the City of Arts and Sciences and Bioparc. Renting a bike in Valencia is easy.

Improve your Spanish

Looking to improve your Spanish while in Valencia? There’s a wealth of opportunities for you to practice your language skills while here. The locals are super friendly and it’s easy to strike up a conversation wherever you go. Many cafés and bars organize informal language exchanges and you can go to one pretty much every night of the week. And, of course, there are quite a few Spanish language schools in Valencia for young adults and expats.

Learn to cook

Grocery stores and food markets in Valencia carry an abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables, and fish, so it would be a pity to live off of canned beans and frozen pizza while here. Valencianos are big fans of healthy eating and even young adults can cook, regardless of their gender. There are many cooking schools in Valencia where you can learn to cook paella and a variety of tapas, so this might be the perfect opportunity to polish your cooking skills.

Explore Europe’s longest navigable underground river

One of the most outstanding natural wonders in the region, the San José Caves hide the longest navigable underground river in Europe. On top of that, they also have some spectacular, UNESCO-listed cave paintings you’ll want to see. Explore the tranquil waters by boat, marvel at the whimsical rock formations, and listen to the echo of each drop of water. The caves are not easily accessible without a car, but luckily, there are half-day tours from Valencia you can join.

Enjoy some fun beach activities

Valencia has some pretty cool urban beaches within easy reach of the city center. Malvarrosa Beach is the most famous, but there are plenty of other beaches in Valencia you can enjoy. Whether you want to soak up some sun or try a new water sport, the beach is the perfect destination. From windsurfing and diving classes to standup paddleboarding, there are plenty of options. Beach volleyball is another popular activity with young adults in Valencia, as is volunteering for beach cleanups.

Take a dip in a crystal-clear natural pool

Not a fan of the beach? You should still pack your favorite bathing suit when visiting Valencia because there are plenty of other options to cool down during the scorching summer months. Not far from the city, there are some amazing natural pools with clear waters where you can chill out in peace, such as the ones in Buñol, Anna, and Bolbaite. If you’re visiting Valencia in winter, make sure you check out the hot springs of Montanejos.

Eat for the gram

While still a step behind Madrid and Barcelona, Valencia is without a doubt, one of the best foodie destinations in Spain. Cool restaurants and colorful cafés are opening almost every month and not only are they gorgeous but they are relatively inexpensive and absolutely delicious. One popular choice is Begin, a healthy food restaurant with an organic design, or Jungle Por Favor, a plant shop and a café all-in-one. Booking your table in advance is highly recommended.

Have the time of your life at Las Fallas

Experiencing Las Fallas is one of the best things to do in Valencia in your 20s. This festival has been dubbed the mother of all parties and it surely lives up to it. Organized every March, Las Fallas lasts nearly 3 weeks during which the city transforms into an outdoor art gallery and party zone. Things can get quite noisy, with firecracker displays, concerts and mobile discos. But the most surreal part is the last evening of the festival when some 700 works of art are set ablaze in the streets.

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