Ready to step into the electrifying rhythms of Valencia’s nightlife? Whether you choose to sip on a sophisticated cocktail in the Old Town or dance the night away in the too cool for school marina, Valencia has a trilling experience for every type of night owl. Here I’ve handpicked the best areas for nightlife in Valencia as well as the best bars and clubs in each.

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El Carmen

A pub with purple lights and candles
Johnny Maracas Pub in El Carmen

El Carmen is the most famous neighborhood in Valencia. It is part of the historic Old Town and a popular nightlife hotspot for locals and tourists alike.

Known for its vibrant and bohemian nightlife scene, intimate squares and narrow, winding streets, El Carmen offers a lively ambiance perfect for bar-hopping.

Here you can find everything from cozy jazz clubs and rooftop bars to flamenco shows and lively dance clubs.

Best bars and clubs in El Carmen:

  • Jimmy Glass Jazz Bar: A renowned jazz club featuring live performances by local and international artists and an intimate and soulful atmosphere.
  • La Linterna: A live music bar organizing passionate flamenco shows every Friday and Saturday).
  • Radio City Valencia: A multifunctional venue hosting regular flamenco shows along with a variety of live music performances and cultural events.
  • Plaza del Negrito: A hub for nightlife in Valencia with several bars around a quaint little square. Known for its lively atmosphere and ample outdoor seating, it is the perfect spot to soak in the energetic spirit of Valencia after dark.
  • El Blanq rooftop bar: A stylish and sophisticated rooftop bar with great panoramic views of the city.
  • Tyris on Tap: A popular taproom with a wide range of local craft beers, a laid-back terrace and great atmosphere.


Vinyls for sale in a bar
Splendini Bar on the edge of Ruzafa

Ruzafa is a hip and trendy neighborhood that has become a hub for Valencia’s alternative and indie nightlife scene in recent years.

Having underwent through a thorough gentrification process, it is now attracting a young, hipster and artistic crowd.

Ruzafa offers an eclectic mix of venues, including chic cocktail bars, live music venues, and independent breweries. The area is known for its laid-back atmosphere and its abundance of cozy cafes and intimate bars where you can enjoy a drink while listening to live bands or DJs.

Best bars and clubs in Ruzafa:

  • Olhöps Craft Beer House: A Nordic-style brewery with 10 rotating taps and more than 100 bottled craft beers.
  • La Bella de Cádiz: One of the most memorable cocktail bars in Valencia with an unusual decor reminiscent of a relics museum.
  • Monkeys Club Valencia: A popular nightclub where you can dance to the 80s techno and 90s hits as well as to more contemporary beats.
  • La Madriguera: A great cocktail bar with cozy atmosphere and great music.
  • Splendini: A small bar and vinyl store all in one, with good drinks, super chill vibes and unbeatable atmosphere.


Wooden pub interior
Robin Hood Pub in Canovas

Canovas is an upscale district in Valencia known for its stylish and sophisticated nightlife. The area attracts a more discerning crowd and offers a range of upscale bars, restaurants, lounges, and clubs.

Here, you’ll find elegant cocktail bars with expert mixologists, trendy venues hosting live music performances, and exclusive nightclubs.

This area is particularly popular among the city’s young professionals and those seeking a more upscale and glamorous nightlife experience.

Best bars and clubs in Canovas:

  • Apotheke: A exclusive cocktail bar and the first speakeasy in Valencia where you can only enter if you know the password. Hint: It’s Chevrolet.
  • Urban Bar: A small bar with a sidewalk terrace serving amazing local and Belgian craft beers and delicious tapas.
  • Havana: Lively nightclub with DJ music ranging from pop to house and more.
  • Robin Hood: One of the few Irish pubs in Valencia, with a wide selection of drinks and especially beer, friendly service and good music.

The marina & Playa de la Malvarrosa

Palm trees and closed beach umbrellas on the beach at sunset
Marina Beach Club on Playa de la Malvarrosa

Malvarrosa Beach is a one of the most emblematic places to visit in Valencia. Alongside the palm tree lined promenade you’ll find a variety of beach clubs, bars, and restaurants offering a mix of music, drinks, and stunning views of the Mediterranean.

The atmosphere here is relaxed and laid-back, whether you’re looking for a refreshing cocktail, live music, or a beachfront party.

The nearby marina is perhaps the best hotspot for nightlife in Valencia during July and August. It has a great array of nightclubs with blasting music that seem to attract a young crowd and is perfect for 20-somethings visiting Valencia.

Best bars and clubs close to the beach:

  • Marina Beach Club: The most exlusive and glamorous beach club in Valencia with a pool, live music, and refreshing cocktails.
  • La Fábrica de Hielo: A trendy industrial looking bar with live music and laid-back atmosphere in a former ice factory.
  • Akuarela Playa: A beachfront club known for its lively atmosphere, dance music, and themed parties.
  • The Roof: A chic rooftop bar with sea views and live music on top of El Camarote restaurant. Also a great spot for watching the sunset in Valencia.
  • Gran Martinez: A chic cocktail bar with peeling walls, period furniture, and a magical atmosphere in a former pharmacy at the end of Avenida del Puerto, close to the marina.


A popular bar in Banimaclet with a colorful facade and a sidewalk terrace
El Colmado Bar in Benimaclet

Benimaclet neighborhood is close to several university campuses. Nightlife here is geared towards local and international students as well as expats living in Valencia.

With its welcoming atmosphere and affordable prices this area effortlessly captures the essence of a vibrant and unforgettable university nightlife experience in Valencia.

Here you’ll find laid-back venues hosting live music performances and bustling dance floors that cater to a youthful crowd. Although a bit further away from the city center than the previous nightlife areas, it is well connected due to Valencia’s top-notch public transportation system.

Best bars and clubs in Benimaclet:

  • Pub Colonial: Nice bar with lively atmosphere and Latin beats.
  • London Lounge Bar: A classy bar with indoor seating only, serving nice cocktails, beers and free bar snacks.
  • La Gramola: A nice cocktail bar with good music and friendly service.
  • On Air: A night club with great vibes and music, delicious cocktails and friendly staff.

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